Paying for my Care


Financial Arrangements

Chrysalis Care is committed to providing excellent care at a competitive and fair price. Please see below for a list of costs:

24 hour Live-in Care

From £1200 per week

Day/Night Care

Domestic Duties from £29 per hour
Companionship in the home – £33 per hour
Companionship/Transport – £35 per hour
Personal Care – £35 per hour
Palliative/end of life – £35 per hour
Sleep-in Nights from £150 per night
Waking Nights from £190 per night

Packages of care:

We can also offer individual packages of care for morning or evening visits five or seven days a week.

Payment is required by bank transfer or cheque, once you receive your monthly invoice, payment terms are 14 days. Please see service user agreement. 

How do I fund my Care:

Chrysalis Care is able to help remove the pressure by arranging for a local award winning company which specialises in the field to advise and facilitate the necessary arrangements to secure the on-going funding of the care provision

There are several options available to you, here are a few examples:

These are specialist long term care plans which, in return for a one off lump sum payment, pay a guaranteed income as long as the policyholder lives. This provides security over how care fees will be met.

In a situation where the Service User wishes to use the equity which exist in the property an Equity Release Plan may be appropriate. Full advice and information is available.

There are other private funding options available, please do not hesitate to contact the Registered Manager who will set up a free initial visit by a financial expert in funding Elderly care, they will visit you in your own home to discuss the options further.

There are numerous ways to access state and local authority assistance with funding Care Plans. Attendance Allowance, Carers Allowance, Disability Living allowance, to name a few. Some are means tested, some are awarded whatever the circumstance, please speak to the Registered Manager who will be happy to point you in the right direction and assist you.